Car vomiting

The words “vomit” and “car” no car owner likes to hear. We solve this problem for you. We remove the smell 100%.

Nobody likes a car that smells like vomit. We can help you remove it.

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#1 Odor removal

If someone vomits in your car, it is important to remove as much as possible immediately. If you are traveling by car, stop or wait until you get home before cleaning anything. It is important to remove all solids before they harden and get “stuck” in the carpet, upholstery or other parts of the interior. Don’t use chemicals! You don’t want to make the smell worse or damage the interior of your vehicle. Quality car care products are very different from regular household cleaners. It is important that you leave the rest to a professional.

Car vomit - and now?

If possible, try to leave the windows of your car open. This won’t eliminate the smell, but it will ensure that the car doesn’t smell quite as bad as it would if you closed all the windows and doors. Book Us as soon as possible. Preferably the same day or the next morning to schedule a quick appointment.

At Waschman, our mobile service means your car gets the professional cleaning it needs without you having to get behind the wheel! Our cleaning services are available in several cantons for your convenience.


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